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Bussiness development officer
Release time: 2024-05
1. Making dedicated plans for the signed tasks and execute the tasks that asked from the company.
2. Searching and contacting potential collaborators for the company.
3. Representing the company to negotiate and communicate with customers for the collaborations.
4. Proposing the contract and monitoring the ongoing project in time.
5. Profiling customers information in time and reporting it to the line manage.
6. Advertising the company in various conferences and occasions.
1. Full-time bachelor degree or above in major of computational biology, pharmacology or medicine.
2. Solid background and good knowledge in both pharmaceutical R&D and management.
3. At least 8 years experience in pharmaceutical industry as a BD, with at least two successful cases experience in deals with international MNC pharma.
4. Enjoying challenging and open-mined for different situations.
5. Outstanding social and communication skills.
6. Good English in both speaking and writing.
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Senior medicinal chemist
Release time: 2024-04
1. Effectively managing multiple projects through the drug discovery life cycle that includes target validation, lead identification, lead optimization, intellectual property protection, candidate selection and pre-clinical development activities.
2. Maintaining integrity and accuracy of project information to meet team, management and portfolio requirements.
3. Responsible for providing considered and focused input across all phases of drug discovery, smoothly collaborates with other functions in drug discovery, and exemplifies leadership, demanding excellence in performance at all levels.
4. Maintain a dynamic interaction with external CRO resources to ensure synthetic and data needs are fulfilled according to agreed timelines and standards.
1. M.S. (10-15 years) or PhD (8-10 years) in Chemistry, with extensive drug discovery experience in industry.
2. The successful candidate must have project management experience on cross-discipline drug development teams and proven leadership and management skills, with an in-depth understanding of project management best practice.
3. The project manager is required to possess excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to clearly and succinctly communicate in a timely manner. He or she will be expected to demonstrate a proven ability to foster important relationships with collaborators and business development team to interact effectively with senior management in public forums and within project teams CRM experience is a plus.
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