We are changing the world

  • Innovative biocomputing

    The AlphaMol team has long-term successful experience in AI and biological computing for modern drug discovery. AlphaMol combines AI, molecular modelling, molecular simulations, cloud computing, big data with cutting-edge biotechnology to innovate new drug discovery.

  • Cutting-edge biotechnology

    To progress the R&D in pharmaceutical industry, our team memberes have developed a series of cutting-edge biotechnologies. These include the first optical sensor chip for probing the activation of G protein-coupled receptors, the first silicon chip for automated planar patch clamp measurements, post-translational labelling of cellular proteins, to name a few.

  • Extensive collaborations

    Based on the experience of our team members, AlphaMol will establish extensive collaborations with leading pharmaceutical and food companies.

We are the Intelligent Molecule Creators. We aim at discovering and developing new drug molecules to treat major human disorders and diseases including cancer, pain, Alzheimer, diabetes and others.

What distinguishes us?

We are leading scientists in both biological computing and pharmaceutical research. We approach the challenges of drug discovery combining cutting-edge biotechnologies with AI and computational design. We work for human health.

  • Pioneering design

    We apply the front-end AI and biological computing methods, coupled with innovative biotechnologies, to speed up the modern drug discovery. Our team memberes have long-term experience in screening and designing potent drug candidates up to clinical trials. Our team members also discovered several active compounds for orphan receptors, which are "me-only" drug candidates.


If you have any questions, please contact us via this page.

We work for human health. We wish our work will benefit the health of entire humanity.

Dr. Shuguang Yuan