We are changing the world

  • Innovative computing

    We have long-term and successful experience in both AI and biological computings, aiming at modern drug discovery. We combine AI, molecular modelling, molecular simulations, cloud computing, big data with traditonal wet lab to advance new drug discovery.

  • Cutting-edge biotechnology

    To facilitate the pharmaceutical industry, we have developed a series of cutting-edge biotechnologies. This includes detecting drug molecule activities at the native cellular environment for GPCRs, tracking a single cell movements to name a new.

  • Extensive collaborations

    We have established long-term and extensive collobarations with many leading pharmacutical and food companies in the world, including Roche, Novartis, Nestlé, Merck-Serono and many others.

We are the intelligent molecule creators. We aim at discovering and developing new drug molecules to treat essential human diseases including cancer, pain, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, aging and many others.

What makes us different?

We are leading scientists in both biological computings and pharmaceutical sciences. We innovatively create many cutting-edge biotechnologies in these areas. We work for human health.

  • Responsive design

    We apply the front-end AI and biological computing methods, coupled with other traditional biotechnologies, to speed up the modern drug discovery. We have successful screened and designed many potent drug candiates for various projects. We have the successful experience to advance drug molecules to clinical trails. We discoverd several potent compounds for several orphan receptors as well, which could be the "me-only" drug candiates.


If you are interested in us for collaborations or investments, please contact us by email: "info@imolor.com".

We work for human health. We wish our work will benefit the health of entire human.

Dr. Shuguang Yuan