The AI drug discovery paper of AlphaMol was in the "Highly Cited Article" list
Release Time: 2023-04
From: AlphaMol

The paper enttiled "Advancing Drug Discovery via Artificial Intelligence" by the team member of AlphaMol has been in the list of Highly Cited Article (HCA). The total citation of this work is over 310 times by April 2023. 

Chan, H. C. S., Shan, H., Dahoun, T., Vogel, H., & Yuan, S.* (2019). Advancing Drug Discovery via Artificial Intelligence. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences. doi:10.1016/
10.1016/ (
full text)

Highly cited articles are papers that perform in the top one percent based on the number of citations received when compared to: 1) other papers published in the same field, and 2) other papers published in the same year.

Generally speaking, citations tend to peak in the second through fourth year after publication, but there are exceptions to this rule. Some papers continue to be cited for many years—and a few papers are even recognized much later on.

These patterns can depend on several factors, including the type of paper, the field, and the nature of the finding(s) reported in the publication. For example, articles reporting new discoveries can quickly rise to the top and then just as quickly fall into obscurity as the discovery is further explored or elaborated on in other articles. Conversely, articles reporting methods or techniques for research can slowly increase in citation frequency over the course of several years, as the methods become disseminated throughout the scientific community and prove their value.