AlphaMol was invited to the 8th GPCR iHuman Forum to give a presentation
Release Time: 2023-10
From: AlphaMol

The 8th GPCR iHuman Forum was held at the ShanghaiTech University Conference Center from October 18th to 20th, 2023. More than 300 scientists from all over the world joint this event.

The cofounder of AlphaMol, Dr. Shuguang Yuan, was invited to this event to give a presentation. His talk was "Advancing GPCR drug discovery via computational methods in an ultimately efficient way". Dr. Yuan was also invited to the panel discussion, on the topic of "Are we in a new era of AI enabled GPCR drug discovery?"

Since its establishment, the iHuman Forum has successfully held seven sessions. This forum will focus on three major themes: GPCR structure and function, AI and drug discovery, and cellular in-situ structural biology. It provides a platform for showcasing and exchanging the latest developments in the fields of GPCR structural biology, chemical biology, computational biology, medicinal chemistry, cryo-electron tomography, and more.